DIY Whisk and spoons Wind Chime

During my end-of-summer-cleaning-of-the-garage-so-I-can-work-on-furniture adventure, I discovered many boxes filled with goodies that had been packed for 8 years, since our initial move from Arizona.  In one particular box there was an old tea bag tin filled with 8 silver spoons that had belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  I wanted us to be able to enjoy the spoons and using them everyday just wasn’t practical so I set them aside until I located a tutorial for making a wind chime out of silverware.

 I already had a nice whisk with a red wooden handle that I knew would be perfect to hang the spoons from so I went out and bought a cheap replacement at Wal-Mart for the kitchen.

 Here’s where I started:

I then took those silver spoons out to my garage and took a hammer to the bowls and literally flattened those suckers.  It was much easier than I thought it would be, or I really needed to take out some frustration.  It’s important to use a hard surface and the garage floor or sidewalk or driveway or other equally flat smooth surface will work.

 I took some needle nosed pliers and snipped four of the wires of the whisk to make eight hooks for the spoons to hang from and then with the pliers I bent each of the eight wires inward to make a hook for the spoon to hang on.

 I gathered some fishing line, beading wire and some jewelry findings that had two rings.  These are very inexpensive to buy at Wal-Mart.  I began by wrapping the beading wire around the spoon handle starting at the bottom and then running the wire through the smaller of the two rings placed at the top of the spoon handle and back down again.  I did that with each spoon making sure the wire was secure around each spoon.

 I then attached the fishing line to the hook on the whisk wire and the ring attached to the beading wire on the spoon.  Lastly I screwed a small eyehook into the top of the whisk wooden handle to hang it with.  Initially I hung it outside my kitchen window and absolutely loved the soft tinkling sound it made when the wind blew.  But then the weather turned cold and I had to keep the window shut so I relocated the wind chime in my kitchen in front of the same window.  Even on a day when there is no breeze I can just reach up with a flick of my fingers and enjoy the magical sound.

If you make this or something similar from this tutorial please send me a picture!!  I’d love to see it and post it here for others to see and learn from.