Book Review – Heaven is for Real

Having a child experience a near death experience is torture for any parent.  Having a child come close to death and visiting heaven is indescribable.  How do you wrap your mind around such a realization?  Heaven is for Real is just a story that will inspire and bring you closer to the gift of eternal life.

It takes time apparently, and great faith.  Todd Burpo tells the story of how his son Colton, after going through emergency surgery, tells him that he visited heaven and sat on Jesus’ lap.  Little Colton describes heaven in simple terms and captures what must have been an awe inspiring sight.

Colton describes meeting his great grandfather who died 30 years prior and his miscarried sister that no one had told him about.  His descriptions of Jesus are extraordinary and heart warming.  “Jesus really really loves children.”

Sometimes it takes a child to help adults understand the simple concept of heaven and this story does just that.  There are so many questions about our eternal spirit and even more unanswered questions regarding heaven that are touched upon and explained in a very believable and biblical way.

This story brought me comfort and reinforced my own beliefs that this world is only temporary and that there is indeed a much bigger plan in place.

Although I received this book free of charge, I was not compensated in any way and this review is 100% my own opinion.

Mothers Armoir

My latest project is a hand me down from my mother who passed away in 1984.  This armoir dresser has undergone several transformations in the years I have had it and loaned it for use with my grandchildren.  I just recently had it returned after it had been spray painted brown.

I wish this was the only flaw.  No, sadly it has a multitude of blemishes, defects and damage.  Take a gander.

Okay – where do I start? One of the front doors has fallen off and the bottom drawer is missing altogether.  The top three drawers that go behind the front doors are there but damaged.  There’s some kid carving of what looks like a sun on each drawer and two of them have big cracks. I tried a little sanding to see just what was what.  It wasn’t pretty.

This is not a solid wood piece, but veneer.  It’s peeling on the sides and is beyond my ability to repair.  I really have my work cut out for me.  My only ray of sunshine is that I just bought my first pint of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint!!!!  I’m so excited to try it.  I punked out and got “old white” because I’m a chicken.  I so love the idea of not having to sand all that brown paint off that it makes up for my cowardice.

Stay tuned for my progress!

Book Review – Under The Overpass

Can you imagine living under an overpass?  How about sleeping in a park or rescue mission and trying to earn enough change during the day to feed yourself?  There are an untold amount of homeless people who have fallen on the hardest time and those who actually chose to live this way.

The deep question is: Would you intentionally live as a homeless person with no job and only a backpack with the basic of necessities?  Perhaps there are those who have let their lives and bad decisions force them into a lifestyle most of us couldn’t even imagine.  For those, getting life back to any sense of normalcy is difficult at best.

This book is a diary of sorts to document the intentional homeless lifestyle of two 20 something men on a Christian mission/adventure.  Their travels take them to several large American cities, telling of the people they meet and their struggle every day to feed themselves and find safe shelter.  Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they come up short.

I was amazed by this journey.  Amazed by the courage and tenacity of these two men and the real life struggle to keep their Christian values while being stripped of the creature comforts most of us take for granted.  It was an eye opener and has changed my way of thinking and seeing the homeless in America.

I’m curious as to how the homeless epidemic might be transformed if everyone read this book.  It is truly a keeper.

Under The Overpass by Mike Yankoski.  Thanks guys and God bless you!

I was not compensated for this review, however I did receive a copy of the book free of charge and the opinion here is 100% my own.

Vintage Kitchen Island

The title may be pushing it a bit, but it is definitely within the realm of possibility.  The first time I saw this piece it spoke to me LOUDLY.  The price took me back a tad ($85) so as much as I liked it I just couldn’t reconcile that chunk of change at that time.  I should mention that I don’t have enough storage in my kitchen and I’m so tired of fighting with the drawer below my oven.  It sounds like I’m literally rattling pots and pans every time I get into that drawer to get a pot or a skillet and watch out if I have to dig for a lid.

Fast forward about two months.  I could not stop thinking about this piece and its potential.  It’s on casters, has a well worn formica top and one of the drawers is metal lined.  The bottom has lots of room for pots and pans and lids!   I can move it around to fit the task, even as an island.

 I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and went back “just to see” if it was still there.  It was.  I did not go intending to buy it but that’s exactly what happened.  I thought I could hide it in the garage while I figured out a way to break it to my husband.  I hid it in plain sight.  Then I started cleaning and taking Miss Thang apart.

Here’s the metal drawer.  I’m sure there must be a specific reason it’s metal but it escapes me at the moment.  Feel free to enlighten me if you know!

All of the drawers and hardware removed.

I’m so glad I scrubbed and took the vaccum to her.  She had more cobwebs than I could count.  I then took some wax and rubbed it all over for a bit of a shine.

And here she is in her new spot.

 I’d like to say I’m really happy, but I think she needs a little more TLC.  So, I’ve ordered my first quart of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m beyond excited to try it and think this is just what this gem needs to bring out her best.  Notice the window frame above?  I realize my pictures are lame-o but you get the gist right?

Chicken Wire Window Frame

There’s a little local antique/junk shop that I discovered recently.  I’ve only been in there twice and both times I made a purchase.  I am drawn to the vintage items that were made to last.  The first time I visited there was an old window frame with chickenwire sitting by the entrance that I spied before I even walked in.  I browsed around for a bit but kept going back to look at the frame.  I knew exactly where I would use it and before I knew it I had made the purchase!

My refrigerator and basement door that opens into my kitchen are full of these treasures.  It’s so hard for me to purge when it comes to the kid’s art.  I enjoy it even more when I can change it around in this frame.  I need more clothespins.

Tow the Mower

I got a nice surprise yesterday when my grandson came over to mow my front yard.  He was sent by his uncle and the rig they had set up for him to bring the mower the several blocks to my house was quite comical.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

In case you can’t tell, the yellow bicycle has a trailer attached that would normally hold two children.  They folded it down and used bungee cords to keep the mower in place.  If I’m not mistaken there may have been some duct tape involved.  It’s amazing what you can do with bungee cords and duct tape!  I’m a lucky grandma.

Little Writing Desk

I can kill alot of time in front of my computer.  I stumble, pin, twitter, window shop on Craigslist, and stalk my friends and family on Facebook.

I have recently fell into the condition known as empty nest.  This is in reality my third time experiencing this phenomenom as I have Boomerang Children.  They keep coming back!  This time I’m honestly hoping it will stick.  But now I find I have three bedrooms and two bathrooms that are virtually empty, like my nest.

I soon realized if I was to furnish my nest I was going to have to do it as cheap inexpensively as possible.  We’re not rich ya know.

I started looking on Craigslist and found a few pieces but sometimes when you’re looking for one thing, another jumps out at you and says “buy me!”  The voice came from this lovely little writing desk.

I love the color, I love the size, and I love that it was $30 and the guy I bought it from said it was his as a child which makes it muy vintage and it’s in fabulous condition.  The top pulls reveal a writing surface and the second pulls have little cubbies for pencils and office supplies.  The bottom two drawers are nice and deep.

Can you see how I just couldn’t resist???