Empty Nest no longer-Mother’s Armoire update

  I spoke too soon. I managed to fill each of my empty bedrooms and bathrooms with furniture and almost had a bed and breakfast set up! I was actually considering putting numbers on each of the three bedrooms and designating the master suite as the Fantasy Suite. But, things change and life changes and my empty nest is once again filled with Boomerang children and grandchildren.  It’s all good.

The last time we visited Mother’s Armoire it looked like this:


I managed to get my garage cleaned out so I had a generous space to work in and decided to use the chalk paint on this piece and put aside my plans for the kitchen cabinet for another time.  Here are some work in progress photos:


 I put, so far, three coats of stain on the top three drawers but think I’ll add more.  I will also need to put more of a protective finish than wax as I wasn’t able to quite fix the drawer fronts and need some poly to keep the poor thing glued together.

And here is where it stands now.


Since my daughter and two grandchildren moved back in, the garage is not so roomy.  Not to mention that car sitting in the middle of the floor really puts a cramp on things.  Time just hasn’t been my friend and I waited too long to get this dresser done.  It has snowed and my car has to be garaged as I’m not a fan of clearing, defrosting and scraping.  When I get ready to go somewhere I want to go now.

At this point I have no idea when I will be able to get back to working as the garage is just too cold.  I also need to figure out what I’m going to do with the empty space where the bottom drawer is missing.  Baskets?  We also got over a foot of snow over the last several days and I fear it will be spring before I get back out there.  I do have some inside projects that I have done and more in the works so I’ll just focus on those for now.

I’m also trying to prepare for Christmas. How are you doing?

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