Book Review – Under The Overpass

Can you imagine living under an overpass?  How about sleeping in a park or rescue mission and trying to earn enough change during the day to feed yourself?  There are an untold amount of homeless people who have fallen on the hardest time and those who actually chose to live this way.

The deep question is: Would you intentionally live as a homeless person with no job and only a backpack with the basic of necessities?  Perhaps there are those who have let their lives and bad decisions force them into a lifestyle most of us couldn’t even imagine.  For those, getting life back to any sense of normalcy is difficult at best.

This book is a diary of sorts to document the intentional homeless lifestyle of two 20 something men on a Christian mission/adventure.  Their travels take them to several large American cities, telling of the people they meet and their struggle every day to feed themselves and find safe shelter.  Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they come up short.

I was amazed by this journey.  Amazed by the courage and tenacity of these two men and the real life struggle to keep their Christian values while being stripped of the creature comforts most of us take for granted.  It was an eye opener and has changed my way of thinking and seeing the homeless in America.

I’m curious as to how the homeless epidemic might be transformed if everyone read this book.  It is truly a keeper.

Under The Overpass by Mike Yankoski.  Thanks guys and God bless you!

I was not compensated for this review, however I did receive a copy of the book free of charge and the opinion here is 100% my own.

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