Book Review – Heaven is for Real

Having a child experience a near death experience is torture for any parent.  Having a child come close to death and visiting heaven is indescribable.  How do you wrap your mind around such a realization?  Heaven is for Real is just a story that will inspire and bring you closer to the gift of eternal life.

It takes time apparently, and great faith.  Todd Burpo tells the story of how his son Colton, after going through emergency surgery, tells him that he visited heaven and sat on Jesus’ lap.  Little Colton describes heaven in simple terms and captures what must have been an awe inspiring sight.

Colton describes meeting his great grandfather who died 30 years prior and his miscarried sister that no one had told him about.  His descriptions of Jesus are extraordinary and heart warming.  “Jesus really really loves children.”

Sometimes it takes a child to help adults understand the simple concept of heaven and this story does just that.  There are so many questions about our eternal spirit and even more unanswered questions regarding heaven that are touched upon and explained in a very believable and biblical way.

This story brought me comfort and reinforced my own beliefs that this world is only temporary and that there is indeed a much bigger plan in place.

Although I received this book free of charge, I was not compensated in any way and this review is 100% my own opinion.

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